Publication of Cadastral Map for Tibar Bay

A community meeting was held on Friday 24 October to inform the public about the upcoming publication of the cadastral map for Tibar Bay.

Pulikasaun Mapa Kadastral ba Portu Tibar Bay

Sorumutu entre ekipa governu ne’ebe servisu iha projetu Portu Tibar ho komunidades iha Tibar halao ba dala tolu iha sesta feira, dia 24 de Outubru.  Objetivu husi sorumutu ida hodi fahe informasaun ba komunidade sira kona ba publikasaun mapa kadastral Portu Tibar Bay nian.

Cadastral map Tibar

The map will be on display from November 5 to December 12, 2014 and can be seen in the following public locations:

  • Liquisa District Administrator office
  • DNTPSC Liquisa office
  • Bazartete sub-district administrator office
  • Tibar suco
  • Forestry Office in Tibar

Representatives from the inter-ministerial Technical Team for Tibar Bay Port PPP will be present throughout the public display period at the Forestry Office in Tibar (Ministry of Agriculture), from Monday-Friday (excluding public holidays)

Members of the community are encouraged to check the maps and ensure that their claims are correctly recorded within the 30 day display period.

The map will also be published in Jornal da Republica.

Mapa ida ne’e sei komesa publika iha dia 5 Novembru to’o dia 12 de Desembru, 2014 iha fatin hanesan tuir mai ne’e :

  • Edifisio Administrador Distritu Liquisa
  • Edifisio DNTPSC iha Liquisa
  • Edifisio Administrador Sub-distritu Bazartete
  • Sede suku Tibar
  • Edifisio Floresta iha Tibar (besik pos polisi Tibar)

Representante ekipa tékniku inter-ministerial  ne’ebe sevisu iha projetu Portu Tibar nian sei marka presenja iha edifísiu departamentu Floresta nian durante loron servisu husi Segunda to’o Sesta feira iha oras 9-12 meudia (la inklui fim da semana ho loron feriadu).

Husu atu komunidade sira iha Tibar mai check mapa ne’ebe publika atu nune’e se karik iha keisa ruma bele grava ka hakerek durante 30 dias publikasaun.

Data Publikasaun ba Mapa Kadastral tau mos iha Jornal da Republica.

List of land claims

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Cadastral and Social Mapping of Tibar Bay Area

The Ministry of Transport and Communications has requested the cadastral mapping of certain areas in Tibar Bay, as indicated with orange on the below map:

  • to identify any claims on the land that is proposed to be used for the Tibar Bay Port PPP, and
  • to identify any claims on the neighbouring land that may be indirectly affected by the construction and operation of the Port. It should be noted that this is the largest part of the area mapped.

This information will be used to:

  • negotiate land acquisition with the owners of private land needed for the Port, and
  • prepare adequate mitigating measures to minimize the impact of Port construction and operation on adjoining land users and the environment.

On August 1, 2014, a meeting was held in Tibar with the community to inform about the data collection for the cadastral and social mapping of the area. The meeting was chaired by Ministry of Transport and Communications, with the participation of about 65 members from the Tibar and Ulmera sucos as well as the sub-district administrator of Bazartete.

The community was cooperative and willing to meet with the members of the Technical Team conducting the data collection.  This took place in August and September with teams from Secretary of State of Fisheries, Ministry of Social Solidarity, Secretary of State for Arts and Culture, and National Directorate for Land, Property and Cadastral Services under the Secretary of State for Land and Property, Secretary of State for Environment and Secretary of State of Professional Training and Employment Policy.

The results of the cadastral and social mapping will be published shortly.

Leaflet 6 Cadastral mapping English

Mapa Kadastral ba Rai no mapa sosiál iha Area Portu Tibar

Ministerio Transportes no Komunikasaun husu ona atu halo mapa kadastral ba area balun iha Baia Tibar hanesan tuir indikasaun iha mapa kraik kor laranja. Mapa ida ne’e atu ajuda:

  • Identifika se kark iha deklrasaun ruma kona ba rai ne’ebe propoin atu uja ba Projetu PPP Portu Tibar Baia
  • Atu identifika deklarasaun ruma husi rai sira ne’ebe besik mai Portu Baia Tibar ne’ebe sei afeta indiretamente husi konstrusaun ka operasaun Portu Tibar.

Informasaun ida ne’e sei uja ba:

  • Halo negosiasaun ba rai ne’ebe mak hanesan rai privadu se karik afeta husi projetu ida ne’e no
  • Prepara mitigasaun ne’ebe adekuadu atu sukat ka minimiza impaktu husi konstrusaun no operasaun portu ba rai ne’ebe mak atu uja no parte ambiente nian ne’ebe mak karik sei afeta

Iha dia 1 de Agustu, 2014, ekipa tékniku husi ministériu relevantes servisu ba asuntu ida ne’e, hasoru malu ona ho komunidade iha Tibar hodi informa kona ba data komesa rekolha dadus ba mapa kadastral no mapa sosiál iha area ne’ba. Iha sorumutu ida ne’e lidera husi Ministeriu Transporte no Komunikasaun  ho partisipasaun maximu husi komunidade iha suku Tibar no Ulmera, mais ou menus ema  hamutuk 65 pessoas mak halibu an iha ne’eba, ida ne’e inklui mos Administrador autoridade lokais sira iha area Bazartete.

Komunidade sira iha area ne’eba kopera ho diak tebes no hakarak atu hasoru malu ho ekipa tékniku ne’ebe sei foti dadus.  Dadus ba mapa kadastral no mapa sosiál hahú foti ona iha fulan klaran Agustu no Setembru 2014 nia laran ho ekipa husi  departamentu peskas husi Secterario estado dos Peskas, Ministeriu solidariedade sosiál,  departamentu kultura husi Secretario de Estado de kultura, Diresaun nasionál Terras e Propriedades no kadastral husi Secretario de Estado Terras e Propriedades, departamentu Ambiental husi Secretario de Estado de Ambiente, no ekipa husi SEPFOPE.

Resultado mapa kadastral no mapa sosiál sei publika iha tempu badak nia laran.

Leaflet 6 Cadastral mapping Tetun

Area for cadastral and social mapping-1





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Pre-Qualified Bidders for Tibar Bay Port PPP convene in Dili

The Government of Timor-Leste hosted a meeting for the Pre-Qualified Bidders in Dili 17-19 June. The Meeting included a site visit to Tibar Bay in the morning of June 18.

Kompania Lisitante hat hasoru malu iha Dili ba Projetu PPP Portu Tibar

Governu Timor-Leste halao sorumutu ho kompanha lisitante hat iha Dili iha dia 17-19 Junhu. Sorumutu ida ne’e inklui mos visita ba Baia Tibar iha dia 18 de Junhu.


All the four prequalified bidders attended: 1) Mota-Engil – Ambiente e Serviço, SGPS, S.A. (MEAS), 2) Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (POSNCO),                        3) International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), and 4) Bolloré Africa Logistics (Bolloré AL).

Kompanha lisitante hat ne’ebe mak atende sorumutu ne’e mak hanesan: 1) Mota-Engil – Ambiente e Serviço, SGPS, S.A. (MEAS), 2) Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (POSNCO), 3) International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), and 4) Bolloré Africa Logistics (Bolloré AL).


Staff of Major Projects Secretariat of Ministry of Finance, the National Procurement Commission and IFC were available for information.

Ekipa organizador husi Secretariado dos Grande Projetu (MPS), Ministerio dos Finansas, Comisaun Nasional Aprovisianamentu (NPC) no IFC prontu hodi responde ba informasaun ne’ebe mai husi kompanha lisitante hat.

The visit also included a stop at the Dili Harbour, where National Director of Aportil, Sen. Lino Barreto welcomed the bidders and answered questions.


Partisipantes husi kompanha lisitante hat no mos ekipa organizadora visita mos Portu Dili ne’ebe akompanha husi Diretor APORTIL, Sr. Lino Barreto ne’ebe fo bem vindo ba lisitante sira no fo informasaun kona ba situasaun portu Dili no responde perguntas ne’ebe hatoo kona ba Portu Dili.


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Community Meeting in Tibar


The first meeting with the community of Tibar was held on June 11, with about 120 persons from Tibar attended the meeting. The meeting was opened by the District Administrator, Sr. Domingos da Conceicao dos Santos, and welcome was also given by sub-district administrator of Bazartete, Sr. Augusto Perreira de Araujo. The chefe suco of Tibar, Sr. Bento da Conceicao, and Ulmera, Sr. Laurentino Martins, also attended the meeting.

The National Director of Aportil, Sr. Lino Barreto, representing the Ministry of Transport and Communications and Co-Chair of the inter-ministerial Technical Team for Stakeholder Engagement, presented the plans for the Tibar Port to the audience, including why Tibar was selected, and what the social and environmental impacts may be.


Members of the audience had a chance to ask questions and provide comments during the following hours. The most frequently raised issues were:

– How will people be compensated if they have to move?
– How will the local people benefit from the construction of the Port?
– How will the increased traffic in the bay affect the access for fishermen, particularly to the rompongs on the outer side of the reef
– How will the Port affect the livelihood of the fishermen?
– What is the environmental impact, particularly on seaweed business and the fishing?
– How will the Port affect the salt production in the bay?
– Will the Port construction impact on the sites of cultural importance?
– What are the disadvantages of the Port?
– What are the plans of the Government for the future of the fishermen affected by the Port?
– Suggestion to make a study on how to improve the future livelihoods of the people in Tibar Bay.

Some the questions were answered by the inter-ministerial Technical Team, which was represented by MSS, Secretary of State for Environment and Secretary of State for Fisheries, and others will be responded to at the next community meeting or through leaflets. The team noted all the questions and these will be taken into consideration in the continued preparations of the Port. Members of the audience expressed their appreciation of the government having already prepared a team to deal with their concerns.

The community was informed about the Focal Point at Ministry of Transport and Communications, Lenty Liu, (phone 3313755), who will forward any questions or concerns from the public to the inter-ministerial Technical Team.


Posters were studied while waiting for the meeting to start. These will be displayed at the District Administrator office, the Sub-district Administrator office of Bazartete, and at the Suco office of Tibar and Ulmera./Populasaun balun hare posters ba projetu nian antes sorumutu komesa. Posters hirak ne’e sei tau iha edifisio Administrador distritu Liquisa no mos iha Administrador sub-distritu Bazartete, no suku rua iha Tibar no Ulmera

Leaflet 5 Community meeting June 11

Sorumutu ho Komunidade iha Tibar

Iha dia 11 de Junhu 2014, Governu liu husi Ekipa Tékniku ba engajamentu parseria halao premeiro sorumutu ho autoridade lokais Liquisa nian ho komunidade Tibar. Iha Sorumutu ida ne’e populasaun no autoridade lokais ne’ebe atende mak hamutuk 120 pessoas. Sorumutu ida ne’e loke ofisialmente husi Administrador Liquisa, Sr. Domingos da Conceicao dos Santos, no mos Administrador sub-distritu Bazartete, Sr. Augusto Perreira de Araujo. Iha ocasiaun ida ne’e hetan mos atendementu husi Chefe Suco Tibar, Sr. Bento da Conceicao, no Chefe Suco Ulmera, Sr. Laurentino Martins.

Diretor Nasional APORTIL , Sr. Lino Barreto, hanesan mos representante Ministerio Transportes no Komunikasaun no mos hanesan ema ne’ebe lidera Ekipa Tékniku ba Engajamentu Parseria, aprezenta planu Portu Tibar nian ba audiénsia, inklui tamba sa mak Tibar sai hanesan fatin ne’ebe atu hari’I Portu no saida mak impaktu sosiál no ambientál husi projetu ida ne’e.

Perguntas husu husi komunidade

Iha oportunidade sorumutu ida ne’e, partisipantes sira husu perguntas no fo sira nia komentáriu hirak hanesan tuir mai ne’e:

–  Oin sa mak populasaun sira bele hetan kompensasaun se sira presija atu sai husi sira nia hela fatin agora?

–  Benefisiu saida mak populasaun sira sei hetan husi konstrusaun portu ida ne’e?

–  Ho movimentu cargo ne’ebe mak sei sae, sei afeta movimenetu peskadores sira sira nia servisu, liu2 ba iha rompongs ne’ebe tau iha tasi laran?

– Oin sa ho impaktu projetu ne’e ninian ba peskadores sira nia moris?

–  Saida deit mak sai hanesan impaktu ambientál, liu2 ba negósiu duut tasi no peskas nian?

–  Impaktu saida mak sei mosu ba produsaun masin iha parte baia nian?

–  Konstrusaun portu ida ne’e sei impaktu mos fatin kultura ritual nian?

–  Vantage saida deit mak populasaun hetan husi portu ida ne’e?

–  Saida mak sai governu plania ona ba futuru atu hare ba populasaun sira liu2 peskadores sira nia moris ne’ebe afetadu husi projetu ida ne’e?

–  Sujere atu halo estudu ida atu hare ba halo nusa mak hadia liu tan populasaun nia moris iha are portu Tibar.

Husi perguntas hirak ne’e balun mak responde ona husi Ekipa Tékniku ne’ebe representa husi Ministerio Soliridade Sosial, Secretario de Estados Pescas, Secretario de Estados Ambiente. Pergunta seluk fali sei hetan respostas wainhira iha sorumutu tuir mai ka sei fo liu husi pamfletus ne’ebe dezenvolve husi Ekipa Tékniku. Ekipa Tékniku hakerek hotu perguntas hirak ne’e no sei tama iha konsiderasaun ba preparasaun prosesu projetu Portu Tibar. Autoridade lokais iha Tibar hamutuk ho sira nia populasaun agredece ba governu ne’ebe prepara ona Ekipa Tékniku atu responde ba sira nia preokupasaun.

Iha tempu hanesan, Ekipa Tékniku mos fo hatene ba populasaun sira kona ba Pontu Fokal Relasoens Públikasne’ebe hili ona husi Ministeriu Transporte no Komunikasaun atu simu perguntas no preokupasaun ne’ebe mak karik sei mosu mai ikus, naran no númeru kontaktu ba Pontu Fokal Relasoens Públikasne’e mak, Lenty Liu, (numeru fiksu: 3313755). Pontu Fokal Relasoens Públikas Ministerio Transporte no Komunikasaun ne’e sei refere perguntas no prekupasaun ba Ekipa Tékniku atu responde.

Laifet 5 Sorumutu ho Komunidade iha Tibar Junhu 11

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Request for Proposals announced for Tibar Bay Port PPP

The Request for Proposals (RfP) for the Tibar Bay Port PPP has been announced to the four shortlisted bidders on May 14, 2014.

The RfP is a detailed instruction issued by the Government of Timor-Leste represented by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transportation and Communications for the bidders on how to prepare their project proposals. The bids will comprise three parts: Legal Documents, Technical Bid, and Financial Bid, according to the specifications in the RfP. In addition, the bidders have access to a virtual Data Room with relevant information.

The four prequalified bidders are 1) Mota-Engil – Ambiente e Serviço, SGPS, S.A. (MEAS), 2) Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (POSNCO), 3) International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), and 4) Bolloré Africa Logistics (Bolloré AL).

The bidders will be invited to a pre-bid conference and site visit in week of 16 June. The bid submission deadline is 22 October, 2014. After the evaluation of the technical and financial bids, the announcement of the preferred bidder is expected on November 27, 2014.

The Government of Timor-Leste has set up a Project Evaluation Team, comprising among others representatives from the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Transport and Communications, and the National Procurement Commission, with advisory support from IFC transaction specialists, which shall be responsible for conducting the entire bidding process, and in particular for the opening and evaluation of bids. The Government of Timor-Leste is seeking to award the Tibar Bay Port PPP project through a fair and transparent competitive bidding process in accordance with Timor-Leste laws and international best practice.

Instructions To Bidders – Tibar Bay Port PPP – 14 May 2014


Tibar Bay Port – Data Room Rules and Procedures

Tibar Bay PPP – Instructions to Bidders – Annex 7-B – Template Financial Model


Anunsia ona Pedidu ba Propostas ba PPP Portu Baia Tibar

Governu liu husi Comisaun Nasional Aprovisianamentu anunsia ona Pedidu ba Propostas (RfP) ba PPP Portu Baia Tibar ba lisitante eskolhidu hat iha 14 Maiu 2014. RfP ne’e nudar insrusaun detalhadu ida nebee Governu Timor-Leste nebee Ministra das Finanças reprezenta no Ministro dos Transportes e Comunicações hasai ba lisitante sira kona-ba oin sa atu prepara sira-nia proposta projetu sira. Proposta sira ne’e sei kompostu ho parte tolu: Dokumentu Legal sira, Proposta Téknika, no Proposta Finanseira, tuir espesifikasaun sira iha RfP. Nunee mos, lisitante sira iha asesu ba Sala Dadus virtual ida ho informasaun relevante.

Lisitante pre-kualifikadu hat ne’e mak 1) Mota-Engil – Ambiente e Serviço, SGPS, S.A. (MEAS), 2) Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (POSNCO),                        3) International Container Terminal Services Inc. (ICTSI), no 4) Bolloré Africa Logistics (Bolloré AL).

Sei konvida lisitante sira ba konferénsia pre-lisitasaun ida no vizita ba projetu fatin iha Tibar iha semana 16 Junhu. Prazu final ba submisaun proposta mak 22 Outobru 2014. Hafoin avaliasaun Proposta Téknika no Proposta Finanseira, espera atu halo anúnsiu lisitante preferidu iha 27 Novembru 2014.

Governu Timor-Leste harii ona Ekipa Avaliasaun Projetu ida, kompostu entre reprezentante sira husi Ministério das Finanças, Ministério dos Transportes e Comunicações, no Comissão Nacional de Aprovisionamento, ho apoiu konsultadoria husi espesialista transasaun IFC nian, nebee sei responsável ba halo prosesu lisitasaun tomak, no em partikular ba loke no avaliasaun oferta sira. Governu Timor-Leste buka hela atu entrega projetu PPP Portu Baia Tibar liu husi prosesu lisitasaun kompetitivu ida justu no transparente tuir lei sira Timor-Leste nian no prátika internasional diak liu.

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Involvement of Local Authorities and Tibar Community


Local Authorities in Liquisa receive Technical Team to discuss Tibar Bay Port PPP Plans

District Administrator Sen. Domingos da Concecão dos Santos met with a delegation led by Director General of Ministry of Transport and Communications Sen. Joanico Gonçalves on Monday 19 May in Liquisa. The delegation included members of the Technical Team for Stakeholder Engagement, among others Ministry of Social Solidarity, Secretary of State for Land and Property, SEPFOPE, Secretary of State for Environment, Major Projects Secretariat from Ministry of Finance, and IFC.

The Director General described the planned Tibar Bay Port PPP and the need to consult and coordinate with local authorities and the community.  The District Administrator appreciated the opportunity to be involved at an early stage in the process and agreed to prepare the community meeting together with the chefe suco of Tibar and Ulmera and the traditional leaders (lian nain) and other relevant representatives.  Meeting with the community are planned for the beginning of June.  The Technical Team will provide support as required in the preparations of the meeting.

Information materials in the form of posters and leaflets were made available to the District Administrator and will be displayed in the District Administration Office as well as the Sucu Office of Tibar and Ulmera.


Autoridades Lokal Liquisa nian simu Equipa Teknink sira atu Halo diskusaun kona-ba Planu Portu Baia Tibar

Administrador Distritu Liquisa, Sr. Domingos da Concecão dos Santos hasoru malu ho delegasaun ne’ebe lidera husi Diretor Geral Ministerio Transporte no Komunikasaun nian, Sr. Joanico Gonçalves iha Segunda, 19 Maiu iha Liquisa. Delegasaun ne’e kompostu husi membro Ekipa Tekniku Engajamentu` Parseiru nian, Sira ne’e mak hanesn Ministerio Solidaridade Sosial, Sekretariado Estadu Terras & Properidade, SEPFOPE, Sekretariado Estadu ba Meio Ambiente, MPS husi Ministerio das Finansa no IFC.

Direitor Geral, koalia kona-ba plano atu hari Portu iha Baia Tibar nian no presija mos halo konsultasaun no kordena hamutuk ho autoridade lokais no komunidade sira. Adminsitrador Distrito apresia ba oportunidade tamba involve sira nia ekipa iha prosesu inisiu molok atu hahu projeito ne’e.  Nia mos konkorda atu prepara sorumutu ida iha fulan ne nia laran ho komunidade sira, hamutuk ho Sefe de Suku Tibar, Ulmera, lia nain sira no representante seluk nebe mak iha relevantes.  Enkontru ho komunidade sira sei prepara ba inisiu fulan Junio nian. Ekipa Tekniku sira sei suporta tuir nesesidade nebe mak presija ba preparasaun sorumutu ida ne’e.

Materia ba informasaun sira ne’e, pepara ona iha poster, pamfletus no brosur.  Mateira sira ne sei entrega no monta/taka iha edifisio Administrador Distritu nian nune’e mos iha Sede Suku Tibar ho Ulmera nian.

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General Information on Tibar Bay Port

More information on

Stakeholder Engagement and Resettlement and Compensation

The active participation of the community in Tibar in assessing the environmental and social impacts of the construction and operation of the Port is essential. To facilitate the process a leaflet with basic information about rights and obligations is now available.

One of the main concerns for the community in Tibar is obviously how the Port construction will affect the land they are using and any house or other construction they have, as well as any gardens or trees they own or use. The basic principles for the Resettlement and Compensation process is described in this leaflet, and will be followed up with meeting at the community level.

Leaflet 1 Tibar Bay Port PPP

Leaflet 2 Community Information

Leaflet 3 Stakeholder Engagement

Leaflet 4 Resettlement and Compensation

Informasaun klaru kona-ba

Planu Involvementu Parseiro no realokasaun no kompesasaun

Partisipasaun ativu husi komunidade Tibar atu hare no avalia impaktu meiu ambiente no impaktu sosial husi konstrusaun, nomos operasaun Projeito Portu Tibar nian importante tebes atu nune’e sira komprende kona ba projetu ne’e rasik. Atu fasilita prosessu ne’e, ita prepara ona pamfletu ho informasaun baziku nian kona-ba direito no obiragasaun husi parte ida-idak nian.

Prekupasaun bot liu husi komunidadi Tibar nian maka oinsa konsturasaun Portu ne’e sei afeta ba rai nebe mak agora dadauk sira uza hela no impakto ba uma ou constursaun nebe maka iha ona fatin neba, nune mos to’os / kantreiro ou ai-hun nebe maka komunidade sira kuda rasik ou uza hela. Prinsipio basiku kona-ba prosesu realokasaun no kompensasaun nian temi mos iha pamfletu ida ne’e. Atu hatene liu tan kona ba informasaun hirak ne’e, sei iha sorumutu ne’ebe organiza husi governu hamutuk ho autoridade lokais iha parte Liquisa no Bazartete atu fahe informasaun ba komunidade sira.

Laifet 1 PPP Portu Baía Tibar

Laifet 2 Informasaun ba Komunidade Tibar

Laifet 3 Engajamentu Parte Interesadu

Laifet 4 Introdusaun ida ba Reasentamentu no Kompensasaun


Public Information on Tibar Bay Port PPP

A number of information material in different formats is now made available to the public.  The materials will be displayed or distributed in connection with community meetings and other stakeholder arrangement, but can also be downloaded here:

Environmental and Social Scoping Report Summary with Site Selection Annex

This Summary Report is based on the Environmental and Social Scoping Study conducted in June-July 2013.  It includes information on estimated environmental and social impact of the proposed port project.  A study on the site selection of the port is annexed.

Scoping Summary w Site Selection Annex December 2013 English

Scoping Summary w Site Selection Annex December 2013 Portuguese

IFC Performance Standards

In the current phase, until a concessionaire is appointed, the Government is responsible for Stakeholder Engagement for the Tibar Bay Port Project.  IFC is advising the Government on implementation of the project, including the Stakeholder Engagement, and will do so in accordance with the Performance Standards of IFC.  Later in the year, when the winning bidder is known, it will be responsible for developing and operating the Port in accordance with the Performance Standards, with the role of the Government being supervision and monitoring.

IFC Performance Standard 1 English

Leaflet for Community and General Audience

In the process of informing the public, and the community of Tibar in particular, a series of leaflets will be made available, covering different topics.  The first two leaflets are of a general character.

Leaflet 1 Tibar Bay Port PPP

Leaflet 2 Community Information

Posters series 

The posters will be exhibited at strategic locations in Dili, as well as in Liquisa.  Locations and times for exhibits will be announced shortly.

Poster Series English

Public Relations Focal Point for Tibar Bay Port appointed

Ministry of Transport and Communication has appointed a Public Relations Focal Point for inquires and complaints regarding the Tibar Bay Port: Lenty Liu, telephone number (+670) 3313755.  The Focal Point will register all requests and forward to the Special Panel for Stakeholder Engagement for appropriate action.

For More Information Please Contact:

Lenty Liu

Ministry of Transport and Communications

Public Relations Focal Point

Telephone – (+670) 3313755

Informasaun Públika konaba PPP Portu Baía Tibar

Material informasaun lubuk ida iha formatu oi-oin agora disponível ona.  Material sira ne’e sei taka ka fahe iha relasaun ho sorumutu komunidade sira no arranju parte parseiro interesandu sira seluk, maibé bele hatama mos iha website ne’e:

Rezumu Relatóriu Exploratóriu Ambiental no Sosial no Aneksu Selesaun Fatin

Relatóru Rezumu ne’e bazeadu ba Estudu Exploratóriu Ambiental no Sosial ne’ebe halo ona iha Junhu-Julhu 2013.  Estudu ne’e inklui informasaun kona ba impaktu ambiental no sosial estimadu husi projetu portu ne’ebe propoin ona no mos kona ba selesaun fatin nba projetu nian – mak bele hare iha aneksu.

Scoping Summary w Site Selection Annex December 2013 Portuguese

Scoping Summary w Site Selection Annex December 2013 Tetun

Padraun Dezempenhu sira IFC Nian

Iha etapa ora ne’e to’o iha nomeia ona konsesionáriu ida, Governu mak responsável ba halo sozializasaun ba Planu involvementu  Parseiro Projetu Portu Baía Tibar.  IFC akonselha hela Governu konaba implementasaun projetu, inklui invovementu Parte Interesadu, no sei halo ida ne’e tuir Padraun Dezempenhu IF nian. Ikus mai iha tinan ida ne’e, bainhira hatene ona kompanha ida ne’ebe mak mana’an, kompanha ne’e sei responsável ba dezenvolvimentu no operasionalizasaun Portu tuir Padraun Dezempenhu sira, no knar Governu nian mak supervizaun no monitorizasaun. 


Padraun Desempehu

This is not an official translation by the International Finance Corporation (IFC).

The English version of the IFC Performance Standards on Environmental and Social Sustainability (Effective January 1, 2012) and other relevant documents are available at:
In case of discrepancies between the original English text and the translated document, the English text will prevail.

Pamfletu ba Komunidade no Audiénsia Jeral

Iha prosesu informa públiku, no komunidade Tibar em partikular, sei prepara pamfletu lubuk ida, ne’ebe koalia konaba tópiku oi-oin.  Pamfletu rua dahuluk iha karáter jeral.

Laifet 1 PPP Portu Baía Tibar

Laifet 2 Informasaun ba Komunidade Tibar


Sei taka pamfletus sira iha fatin estratéjiku sira iha Dili no mos iha Liquiça.  Fatin sira no tempu ba taka pamfletus ho posters ne’e sei fo-hatene la kleur tan.

Posters Series Tetun

Nomeia Ona Pontu Fokal Relasoens Publicas ba Portu Baía Tibar

Ministério dos Transportes e Comunicações nomeia ona Pontu Fokal Relasoens Públikas ida ba inquires no reklamasaun sira konaba Portu Baía Tibar: Lenty Liu, númeru telefone (+670) 3313755.  Pontu Fokal sei rejista pedidu hotu-hotu no haruka ba Painel Espesial ba Planu involvementu Parseiro atu foti asaun apropriadu.

Firms Prequalified for Tibar Bay Port

Firms Prequalified for Tibar Bay Port Tetun

Notification of Prequalification-Tibar Bay Port

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Notice of Prequalification

Firms Prequalified for Tibar Bay Port

The Government has prequalified four firms to tender for the new port to be built at Tibar Bay.

The Project Evaluation Team, led by the National Procurement Commission, announced that the Council of Ministers has endorsed the recommendation that International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), Mota-Engil – Ambiente e Serviço, SGPS, S.A. (MEAS), the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (POSNCO) and Bolloré Africa Logistics (Bollore AL) are the firms prequalified.

The project involves the construction and operation of a 600 meter wharf along the western side of Tibar Bay, together with container storage, equipment and other infrastructure required by a modern cargo terminal.  The Government, with support from its project adviser the International Finance Corporation (IFC), has conducted extensive feasibility studies and planning over the last two years.  The winning bidder will be granted a 30-year Concession to construct and operate the port.  The total project cost is estimated to be around US$300-400 million, with a major part of this to be invested by the winning bidder.

The Government, with support from IFC, designed prequalification criteria to ensure that firms bidding for the project have a strong international track record in port construction and operation, as well as the required financial capacity to take on a project of this size.  The open invitation to prequalify was issued on 21 October 2013 and distributed widely through local and international media.  Prequalification applications were assessed against the criteria by The Project Evaluation Team.

The Project Evaluation Team is very happy with the response. The four firms selected are reputable companies with considerable international experience.

The next stage in the tender will see the four firms issued with an invitation to submit proposals, bidder consultations, followed by submission of proposals and selection of the winning bidder.

The tender process is designed to ensure the Government gets the best value for money for this project, as well as the technical requirements for the port that will be focused on the development benefits like employment opportunities for Timorese, economic opportunities for local people and strong community consultation.

The project is a long-term partnership between the Government and the investor.  With IFC’s help the Government have learned from past experience in Timor-Leste, as well as internationally, to make sure the Government’s interests are fully protected under the Concession.

Kompanhia Pre-Kualifikadu sira ba Portu Baía Tibar

Governu halo ona prekualifikasaun ba kompanhia hat ne’ebe sei tuir tenderijasaun ba portu foun ne’ebe atu hari’i iha Baía Tibar.

Ekipa Avaliasaun Projetu, ne’ebe lidera husi Comisao Nasional Aprovizionamento (CNA), fo hatene ba publiku katak Conselho de Ministros aprova ona kompanha hat ne’ebe pre-kualifika husi prosesu prekualifikasaun ba projetu Portu Baia Tibar. Kompanha hat ne’e mak hanesan International Container Terminal Services, Inc. (ICTSI), Mota-Engil – Ambiente e Serviço, SGPS, S.A. (MEAS), the Peninsular and Oriental Steam Navigation Company (POSNCO) no Bolloré Africa Logistics (Bollore AL).

Projetu ne’e involve konstrusaun no operasionalizasaun ponte kais ida ho extensaun 600 metrus iha parte oeste Baía, hamutuk ho armazén kontentor, ekipamentu no infraestrutura seluk ne’ebe terminal karga modernu ida presiza.  Governu, ho apoiu husi nia asesor projetu, International Finance Corporation (IFC), halo ona estudu viabilidade lubuk ida no planeamentu durante tinan rua liu ba. Lisitante ne’ebe mana’an sei simu Konsesaun ida durante tinan 30 nia laran atu hari’i no operasionaliza portu foun ne’e.  Estimasaun kustu total projetu nian mak besik US$300-400 milhoens,ne’ebe metade husi osan ne’e lisentante ne’ebe mana’an mak sei investe.

Governu, ho apoiu husi IFC, elabora ona kritériu prekualifikasaun nian atu garante katak kompanhia sira ne’ebe hato’o oferta ba projetu ne’e iha track record internasional forte iha konstrusaun no operasionalizasaun portu, no mos kapasidade finanseiru ne’ebe presiza atu halo projetu ida ho tamanho hanesan ne’e.  konvite abertu atu halo prekualifikasaun hasai tiha ona iha 21 Outubru 2013 no fahe ona ba parte barak liu, husi media nasional no internasional. Avalia ona rekerimentu pre-kualifikasaun  sira hasoru kritériu Ekipa Avaliasaun Projetu nian.

Ekipa Avaliasaun Projetu haksolok tebe-tebes ho resposta tamba Kompanhia hat ne’ebe hili tiha ona ne’e iha reputasaun ho experiénsia barak iha projetu internasional.

Etapa tuir mai mak lisitasaun sei hasai konvite ida ba kompanhia hat atu hatama propostas, konsulta ho lisitante, tuir kedas ho submisaun proposta no hili lisitante ne’ebe mana’an.

Prosesu tenderijasaun ne’e dezenha atu garante Governu hetan rentabildiade diak liu ba projetu ne’e, no mos rekizitu tékniku ba portu ne’e ne’ebe sei konsentra ba benefísius dezenvolvimentu nian hanesan oportunidades empregu ba ema timor-oan, oportunidades ekonómikas ba populasaun lokal no konsulta komunidade forte.

Projetu ne’e nudar parseira prazu naruk ida entre Governu no investidor. Ho tulun IFC nian Governu aprende ona husi experiénsia tempu uluk nian iha Timor-Leste, no mos internasionalmente, atu garante Governu nia interese sira hetan protesaun total iha Konsesaun ne’e.

Press Release

Notification of Prequalification-Tibar Bay Port

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Tibar Bay Port Proceeds to Prequalification Stage

Invitation to Prequalify

 The Government of Timor-Leste represented by the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Transport and Communications, is seeking to award a project for a Public Private Partnership (PPP) for the design, construction, financing, and operation of the Tibar Bay Port under a Build Operate Transfer (BOT) concession through an international public tender limited by prequalification, in accordance with Timor-Leste law and international best practice, and is inviting interested eligible parties to submit a prequalification application.

This document is a prequalification announcement and the eligibility criteria to submit a prequalification application as well as the technical and financial criteria to be met in order to successfully prequalify for the project are set out in the prequalification documents. Participation in this pre-qualification process is open to all interested international and national prospective bidders. The attention of prospective bidders is drawn to the qualification requirements detailed in the prequalification documents.

It is foreseen that the Tibar Bay Port will be constructed in Tibar Bay, Timor-Leste, and that construction will be completed and operations will begin by 2016-17.

Invitation to Prequalify (English)

Invitation to Prequalify (Portuguese)

Prequalification Document

Prequalification Document – Addendum No 1

Prequalification Document – Addendum No 2

Prequalification Document – Addendum No 3


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Tibar Bay Port Proceed for Expression of Interest (EOI)


The Government has decided to proceed with the tender for Tibar Bay Port PPP, and is now seeking non-binding expressions of interest (EOI) in the project. The request for EOIs is attached*.

The text of the public notification of the Government decision is outlined below.

Extraordinary Meeting of the Council of Ministers on August 2, 2013

The V Constitutional Government met extraordinarily this Friday, August 2, 2013 in the Council of Ministers Meeting Room at the Government Palace in Díli and approved the following: 1. Public-Private Partnerships – Tibar Bay Port

The Minister of Finance and the Minister of Transport and Telecommunications along with the International Finance Corporation (IFC), presented to the Council of Ministers some of the structures for Public-Private Partnerships (PPP), including requirements related to infrastructure and technical recommendations concerning the Tibar Bay Port.

The presentation to the Council of Ministers set out some examples of Public-Private Partnerships and a perspective of the investment and revenue scenarios to the Government. Particular to the case of the Tibar Bay Port’s infrastructure, the study was designed with the perspective of future growth and technical recommendations about the legal, environmental and social questions and on the tender process**.

The Council of Ministers approved the Public-Private Partnership model for this project through concessions as well as further work, which according to the proposed business plan, provides that the construction of the Tibar Bay Port will start in 2015.

  *EOI for Tibar Bay Port

**Tibar Bay Transaction Execution Timetable

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